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How to play Naruto World RPG (rules, explanations and everything else ...)

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Here are some of the main rules that you understand how to start playing.Other all learn through play and will help you and your teacher(kage).Some administrative rules are not written but admins know them and you will eventually teach them through play.

The first thing to do when you register it is desirable to introduce yourself to other forum members. Then you go to the forum "Naruto world" and find there "Shinobi town" it is a great city to live all the ninja and there you will find everything you need to start the game. After thet go to class in "Ninja Academy".There you will learen a lot of game,get a skills,tech about ninja world,etc..
After that connect with other ninja, talk, go to the training hall while the little train is safely go on a mission to buy arms , learn technique and so on until you are familiar with the game and other ninja

Your character has a health and chakra energy consumed while using the jutsu, weapons, and while battle.In depending on the levels and rank will depend on how much you value are big.All starting out with 200 points and values ​​as you progress they will grow.Na each rank(Genin,chinin,junin...) get +100 to all.

There are the following ranks Academy students> Genin> Chunin> Jounin(Lvl1,lvl2,lvl3> ANBU> Shanin> Kage
Each rank is stronger and bigger than the previous one so you have to respect every rank and in particular the strongest kage rank.
Levee on certain tests you can do to become a higher rank, and if you pass it.

In total there are 150 levels.

The game runs by the time you figure in the old days every month passes one year.

Things are buying money called ryo It comes from doing missions and fighting, and writing messages because each message makes ryoa from 5-30.

Any technique (except weapons and Item, and so on) may not use more than 3 times in some battle.Ninjas lvl 150 can be up to 4 times in a row to replicate.

XP points are the points you get from training and combat missions, serve to advance in levels.

Each ninja has their own abilities (speed, strength, intelligence, precision, chakra control). At each higher level until 100lvl get 5 points that you can put on one of these ability.Limits of these capabilities is 500 and each shift has its consequences so be careful.

Any Jinchuriki will have to wait a week to be able to use the demons!!

Your arms and itemi can be destroyed in battle or spent or stolen then you have to fix them or buy it again if you want to use them ...

Each hidden attack you must be submitted as proof of the main admin on the forum. If an opponent asks you to do this if you are not really hidden move will not apply!

Every time you transplant a bloodline that carries risk.

Spam fighting is strictly prohibited and these are matches where you fight only kunai knives or other weak attacks.For this, you get even BAN!

Here are some of the rules and how to play the game and what what it's for, but better The principal rules are usually in subjects where something is so that everything uporosceno be easy and fun

Rules are always subject to change or add new

Everything that you do not understand or want to know you can feel free to ask admins, other players, your leader or teacher ...

Have fun and enjoy the game / forum and do not forget to be a fair player and play honestly without anger, etc.

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