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About your inventory

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1 About your inventory on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:39 am


In this section, you need to create your inventory where you keep everything you own and what you know of the techniques...
Your list can keep changing depending on what you learn something new...

It is forbidden to write anything else in your list that does not fall apart in the inventory windows (talking, spamming, etc.) because it is prohibited in your inventory.Otherwise will be locked up for a while which means that you will not be able to change and so on ..

In the list you insert only what you own anything that you have learned or what you bought or similar means that you will get a warning or ban the worst!

All techniques and anything else you have to keep your list because if you use something that you do not have the list does not mean that it is true ...

You are allowed to hide their inventory windows than others so you can use the "hide" ...

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